Higher density

When I first moved into my current suburb, some called it living in the “sticks” ie to live in the country, far away from any major city or urban center or basically sticks mean woods, ie living in the forest. That is not very nice but some people actually referred to this region as the sticks. Others call it the “whoop whoop” (The Australian saying, “Whoop-Whoop” meaning some place far away in the bush/countryside).

Well I guess whoever said that ought to eat their words. I am loving where I live as it is thriving and because everything has only recently been expanding at such alarming rate, everything is new and modern, new houses, new amenities, new sports complexes & courts, new malls, clean new suburbs, new playgrounds, new schools, etc. Needless to say the population has grown by leaps and bounds. The crowd here is also very good.

I only realized recently that the local mall used to be packed only in peak hours ie morning and after 5pm but these days, it is packed at all times! I used to be able to pick my parking spot at the adjacent leisure centre but now, there is not many spots left.

What I love best is the lifestyle here. Also, IKEA and Costco will be built quite near very soon! Hurray for that, no longer would we have to drive closer to the CBD for them. Loving it!!