Safer neighbourhood

We get free local papers every fortnight and I never fail to read the neighbourhood watch section where it details how any and what sort of crimes have been committed in each suburb. Thankfully the suburb I live in does not appear in that section often.

The most popular break-ins is via unlocked windows or doors. Cars parked on the driveway or curb get stolen too. Of course it got me worried at times too, about whether I had locked all windows and doors before I leave the home.

Being the paranoid person that I am, I am considering getting a biometric gun safe. Now don’t get me wrong, my purpose is not to store any kind of weapon. This safe can be used to store jewelleries and such. I like the fact that it uses fingerprint technology to open the safe – great for absent minded people like me and DH who already have too many number combinations to remember. Perhaps, I will need to add this item to my growing wish list too. Better be safe than sorry (pun intended).