Let there be light

We have not been shopping for lightings for several years now. I remember back then when we first got our home, we went to every lighting shop there was! Anyway, we are thinking about updating some of our lights in the home to keep up with the times especially the federation style side lights at the garage – oh my goodness I wonder why we chose those ones last time, but it was the in-thing back then.

Nowadays everything is so modern and sleek like those at slv lighting. The variety of amazing choices will spoil you. We are tempted to replace every single lighting in the house but I guess we would have to be less ambitious and start one place at a time.

The first to go will be the federation lights. We will be replacing it with the modern ones that shine up and downwards. Next might be to have the oyster lights in the home removed and install downlights instead? Wow I hate to think of the cost involved. We will have to work harder to cater for the budget. Meanwhile, we still enjoy window shopping for lightings.