Interstate drive

I admire friends who have driven interstate here in this country. I wonder what it is like to go on a 8 hour road trip here for example, to drive up to the sunny state up north. The first thing on our mind would be whether our old car can take it! We would need to be fully prepared like getting a tire changer in our car boot and make sure the necessary tools are there. Hopefully we can do a long driving trip like this some day.

Frankly, I think we might do road trips across the Tasman sea first rather than locally here because the landscape in our neighbouring country is simply breathtaking. We have always talked about renting a campervan and drive the whole of the south island. That day shall happen but it is just a matter of time. Better if we could arrange for some family members to fly over and join us for the trip. Now, the first step is to save up for that dream road trip of ours.