Much to my dismay, my DH is not a DIY person but I think maybe he is trying his best to be one. Well, for once, he fixed the leaking tap in our ensuite last night. I know it is no biggie for other men, but to him it is a winner. He does not do big DIY stuff as it requires handling of wood, sawing, drilling, etc which is usually followed by dust. Why? It is because of his severe allergy. Having said that, he still braves his way to deal with dirt, cement, etc when need be.

However, I can see myself doing more DIY work than him, if only I know how. Give me some time and the right tools, I am more than willing to learn. Can you imagine me using vices and other tools like a pro? I guess not. We shall see, I have set my sight in painting chairs to white with roses painted on it. I am on the lookout for discarded wooden chairs around the neighbourhood. I will also need to learn reupholstering. Exciting.