Safe no more

Time and again, I see terrible real life incidents of robbery and horrific cases especially those committed in my home country, being shared on facebook. I must say it saddens me very, very much that my country has become like that. Given today’s situation, I would not walk alone in carparks, back alleys, etc, in KL ever!

Even back then, I used to carry with me at all times when I go to & fro work – the kind that creates a really loud beeping noise. I am glad I never had to use it. These days, I’d better get myself some sort of defense spray as well if I were to walk alone anywhere be it during the day or night.

Sigh, it is sad that things have to reach such a low level. It is not even safe being inside the house. I just watched a video of 5 thieves breaking into a home where the family was having dinner! What has become of the country? Why do people resort to robbery and murder? What can the government do to improve things? Instead of being a developing country, it is going backwards into a 3rd world.