Too busy to read?

I must admit that the main reason I do not take time to sit down with a book in hand is because I could not just not do something (other than taking my precious nap to recharge, so that does not count). The same reason why I do not watch serial dramas on the net or on tv.

Thankfully there is a way on how I could “read” a book and do household chores or gardening at the same time. Thanks to such a thing as a free audiobook here which I could listen to while I potter around the home. It’s so perfect, an answer to people like me who’d love to read yet could not afford to do it without sacrificing time – furthermore it’s totally free, it does not get better than that.

There are also children’s books which I will get DD started on, since she loves stories but a bit lazy to read them on books herself *rolls eyes*. I am already busy browsing titles for the next audio book.