Backyard pool

It is no secret that one of our favourite weekend activity is to visit display homes since there are two major ones within several minutes drive away from our home. Also because this is probably the only chance we would ever get to experiencing living in one of those multi million dollar modern homes with swimming pools. Anyway, it had always been my dream to have a backyard pool but that wish kind of vanished over the years because when it comes to pool maintenance, it involves time and money.

However, DH said these days maintenance is not a problem as there are many things that are automated. He even mentioned the use of hayward salt cell in the pool but of course I had no idea what exactly he was talking about but I trust him.

I know DD would be the happiest if one day we could have a home with an inground pool. Oh well, honestly speaking, I still think that is too big of a wish to come true but … we’ll never know!