Me in Top 100 Lifestyle Blogs?

Top 100 Lifestyle BlogI was taken by surprise this morning when I logged into my WP account and saw an incoming link from Top 100 Lifestyle Blogs by Kineda. Somehow my blog made it to the list at #49.

It must have been a fluke as I am pretty sure not many people know of my blog’s existence and I did not submit my blog to be listed nor done any blog PR/marketing.

I haven’t the slightest clue how I was found but I am very honoured to be listed by Kineda, a blog that boasts 2.2 million page views per month from over 550,000 unique visitors and ranks in the top 300 of all blogs worldwide.

Thanks, Kineda!

4 thoughts on “Me in Top 100 Lifestyle Blogs?

  1. Terry Ng

    Don’t thank me… it was your hard work that earned you a top spot! All I did was sort the lifestyle blogs tagged on Technorati by rank and authority. So whatever you’re doing, you’re doing right. Keep up the great work. :)

    Hello, I am Mini Mommibee, drawn by my MommibeeWow thanks for personally dropping a comment here, Terry – it’s an honour. Thanks for ur kind words :D

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