Milestone in life

I almost couldn’t believe it when my older sister announced that her daughter was getting married this month. It was indeed a surprise for me because we don’t hear much of her daughter who prefers to keep a low profile. We are very happy for them of course. Only wish that I could have made it to the wedding in the UK to witness another milestone in my niece’s life.

My beautiful niece is a DIY person, she was such a busy bee attempting to make everything from scratch such as floral bouquets, wedding cake, etc. She pretty much ran out of time and had to buy Wedding Garter Sets online which is a good decision. Doing one thing less helped kept her sanity. We are very proud of her wish to have the most simple wedding.

Love her wedding dress so much, simple yet elegant, everything about that special day truly represents the simple young lady whom she is. Her hubby is one blessed man. I wish her neverending years of marital bliss.

Bargain Hunt

I am back on a bargain hunt again and this only signifies one thing, that I am almost back to my normal routine ie less stress. Words could not describe how much stress and obstacles took place in the past 30 months and I am glad it is almost over now. Just keep in mind that whenever you think you have it bad, others have it much worse. Therefore, try to believe that things can only move forward, not backwards and I must say, it is very true.

Anyways, I am glad to have found time to pick on bargains once more. Now I can’t wait for post Christmas and New Year’s mark downs!

School Open Day

We went to DD’s school Open Day last week. It was the best since DD started Kindy which was 4 years ago. All the performances were lively and interesting to watch. There was something different this year also.

Before the class performances began, the school bad played some music first. A great chance for them to showcase their talent and hardwork. I hope the school band’s performance would convince some sponsorship of instruments such as those from for the school. It would be awesome if the school band could expand by offering a greater variety of musical instruments and take in more students.

Well I hope to see the school band perform more throughout the year. The exposure of playing for a big crowd would certainly benefit the music students.

Need new theme

Can’t believe I have had this blog theme for several years already, I lost track. It’s funny how I managed to find time to blog more and changed blog themes often while taking care of an infant/toddler compared to now, my kid is all grown up, no longer sticks to me like honey and yet, I have less time to spend on my blog? How could that be?

I don’t know either. Life just got busy as we embark on other things but it is all good. It is time I look for another blog theme, something simple and which allows more space to post photos … man, my blog has become so wordy. Again, how did I ever manage to find time to crop and edit photos several years ago? Now, I don’t even upload photos.

Hope to be able to get back into the groove of blogging again soon. Meanwhile there is just so many things to attend to, just different things :)

Movie Nights

As I mentioned before, we had been so busy that it is only now ie 3 months after moving in, that we finally have time to actually sit down and enjoy our home theatre. We are loving it but occasionally I do think about whether we should have gone for the tv projector system but then we wouldn’t be able to have 3D on that.

Anyway, it’s great what we have now. I prefer to have a 3D screen that a nice big projector screen. And so we have been enjoying watching 3D movies in an enclosed home theatre in the comfort of our home. The only thing I’m not so comfortable with is the sound that might be too loud for the neighbours.

Perhaps we should look into having egg crate sound proofing installed to our home theatre walls. Then I don’t have to worry when DH watches his movies on high volume. Another thing to write on our neverending To Do list for this home.

Meanwhile we are continuing to enjoy our family Friday movie nights with take out dinner and snacks thereafter; especially in this cold wintery nights.

Dry skin

The only thing I hate about the cold season is how my skin gets dry and that crawling feeling on my back. This year seems to be the worst for me. Even the joints on the skin of my fingers feel like they’re cracking/peeling and it’s painful if I don’t apply enough moisturiser to it. As for the feet, needless to say – ugly, flaky and dry!

Can’t wait for this season to be over, I used to dread Summer but I think for the first time, I am eager to welcome the warmer season due to the fact that we now have better ventilation in our place.

Super Busy!

Someone ought to come up with a new song titled “Super Busy!”- I’m sure it will be an instant chart topper. The past 12 months had been a roller coaster and whirlwind. We are still busy but things are starting to slow down a bit. We get our weekends and school holidays back.

I reckon we will not be fully settled until just before Christmas which is fine. Meanwhile, there are several major things to do in a few week’s time. Sometimes I wonder how we managed to survive through the stress and careless planning on our part. However, we count our blessings. Thank the Lord for His blessings and may we use His blessings to bless others.

Not much shopping

Come to think of it, I have not been doing my usual bargain hunt or window shopping for over a year now. I mean, yes I occasionally buy a thing or two but not as frequent anymore. Mainly due to lack of time as well as having an extra tight budget for quite some time now.

Hopefully we could snap something that we’d need during the coming mid EOFY sale which won’t be too far away. Oh my, time is moving too fast for my liking. Anyway, so busy lately, can’t wait for things to settle. The past 12 months have been an interesting journey, full of challenges but we could only learn from mistakes.

One thing I will always remember is that, in time, things could only move FORWARD. So hang in there.

A place to call your own

Just like every other couple, we once thought owning a home is almost an impossible feat for us, especially being new to the country and DH being fresh out from uni. We rented for several years moving between several suburbs before we were finally able to own a home which I was so thankful for and still do.

I feel sorry for young couples nowadays. Prices have skyrocketed so much that chasing their dream homes is beyond many young couples’ reach. More so if you plan to start a family at the same time. It is a sad scenario. This country is a land of plenty yet people have to pay a premium to live in small dwellings.

Bed bug bites

I had some terrible insect bites on my left arm two weeks ago. At first I thought I reacted to something. The bite marks were bizarre, unlike the usual mozzie or ant bites of small red lumps spreaded like 3 or 5 at the max, all spreaded out.

The marks I had (unfortunately I did not take a photo, which I should have!), were like 3 or 4 red dots in a straight line but different directions and there was more than 25 red dots or tiny lumps on a concentrated area of my arm. They itch terribly too.

So I googled and found that the bite patterns matched those images of bed bug bites. According to google, the pattern is usually 4 or 5 bites in a straight line, here and there. I knew where I got it from (not my bed or house fortunately) but from someone’s old wooden couch with jacquard fabric cushions. It was sitting there that I felt the itch and was horrified at the sight of the dots/lumps.

When I got home I quickly had a shower and applied cortisone cream and Betadine to prevent possible infection. The next day, the lumps subsided a little bit. It took a whole week for the lumps to be gone and not red anymore. That’s the worst bites I have ever had.

Me and my umbrella

Since late last year, I braved myself from stares and opted to use a big umbrella on sunny afternoons where I have to walk 200 – 300 metres from the car to the school gate. Previously I was embarrassed to be the only one seen with an umbrella on a sunny day. Surely people would think I was insane. I mean, in this part of the world, who wouldn’t like a tan?

I used to ignore the scorching heat and walked without an umbrella almost everywhere I went.   Thus I am prolly the most tanned I have ever been in my life.  Anyway, I decided that I could no longer bear the sting on my skin due to the burning sun as well as getting sun burnt several times even in the mornings like 9am to 11am. No kidding.  I no longer care if people think I’m weird or afraid of getting dark. I’m just tired of the burning sensation on my skin. It feels so much more comfortable (and no stinging on the skin anymore) walking with a huge umbrella!

I am beginning to suspect that maybe our type of skin is less tolerant to the sun? How could others not get sun burnt even without sunscreen?


We have been on the lookout for home related items just as we will soon be needing them. Although we would take our own sweet time on the big items such as furniture as we are contented with what we have at the moment.

However, we might need to get some new linens especially table cloths. Now that we foresee ourselves doing a bit more entertaining, I’m looking to buy crinkle taffeta for my round table. Perhaps one with some tiny rose motifs would be awesome. I love the shabby chic look when I have my friends come around for tea.

I guess we need more soft furnishing. I have all the cushions I need which had been kept in the linen cupboard for several years as we didn’t find it practical to have when DD was still a toddler. I’m glad I’ll finally be able to use them soon. Not sure about getting curtains though as I dread the thought of having to take them down and put them up again after a wash and also due to allergy problems in my household. We shall see how it goes but will definitely take things slow.

Higher density

When I first moved into my current suburb, some called it living in the “sticks” ie to live in the country, far away from any major city or urban center or basically sticks mean woods, ie living in the forest. That is not very nice but some people actually referred to this region as the sticks. Others call it the “whoop whoop” (The Australian saying, “Whoop-Whoop” meaning some place far away in the bush/countryside).

Well I guess whoever said that ought to eat their words. I am loving where I live as it is thriving and because everything has only recently been expanding at such alarming rate, everything is new and modern, new houses, new amenities, new sports complexes & courts, new malls, clean new suburbs, new playgrounds, new schools, etc. Needless to say the population has grown by leaps and bounds. The crowd here is also very good.

I only realized recently that the local mall used to be packed only in peak hours ie morning and after 5pm but these days, it is packed at all times! I used to be able to pick my parking spot at the adjacent leisure centre but now, there is not many spots left.

What I love best is the lifestyle here. Also, IKEA and Costco will be built quite near very soon! Hurray for that, no longer would we have to drive closer to the CBD for them. Loving it!!

New school year

Today marks the first day of the new school year for DD. Everything is back to the old routine. Will need to get to school earlier in the next two days as there are more cars than usual due to the fact that parents who normally drop their kids off, would stay and see their kids settled in line until the bell rings.

Might have to go even earlier next week as that is when the Kindy kids starts school, meaning more parents will be staying till the bell rings. That reminds me, I’ll have to go find my parking spot earlier after school today and up till end of next week also. No big deal, just a reminder to myself.

Back to school

I am not ready for back to school yet. Will be super duper busy again this coming weeks. Gosh, can’t wait for the busy and stressful days to end. As such, I don’t even have time to think about CNY and certainly not baking any cookies.

That reminds me, I have to label her books soon! Talk about last minute. Forgot to order waterproof name labels too. I certainly hope the rest of this year will be more settled for me. Last year was terrible for me in terms of remembering dates, events and things to do.